Sport Activities: Activities for everyone

Sport Activities: Activities for everyone

In today’s society, it is often the case that people with disabilities are not considered to be normal due to a fatal fate or complications of various kinds. They struggle daily with prejudice, intolerance, lack of inclusion, ostracism, malice and also with a silent but disarming indifference, hypocrisy and indifference.

Society tries to overcome cultural and social barriers, valuing and including people with disabilities in different contexts, including sport, in order to allow the individual with disabilities to achieve a good level of personal growth (empowerment), self-efficacy and self-esteem, as well as to develop a strong motivation and the resulting emotions.

Sport is an effective and powerful tool for overcoming barriers, but also an element of redemption and dignity that enables the overcoming of disabilities. In addition, the tenacity, concentration and fatigue of the person with a disability are also a starting point for achieving a satisfactory sense of adequacy and self-acceptance. It is important that individuals with disabilities satisfy their own needs, achieving a good level of fulfilment and a related sense of efficacy to enable a greater sense of well-being and a good quality of life.

Sport enables people with disabilities to achieve a greater sense of well-being.

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