Virtual Reality: Leisure and rehabilitation activity

Virtual Reality: Leisure and rehabilitation activity

What’s virtual reality?

Virtual reality is not simply a new technology that has advanced in recent years. It is described as a new mode of knowledge that puts the individual at the centre. In practice, a new form of communication and experience.

Virtual reality is a computer-generated three-dimensional environment in which people are completely immersed and where they can interact with other users as if they were really inside it. Visual and auditory stimuli are not perceived by the users. Users wear a device called a head mounted display (visor) which allows them to immerse themselves in the situation generated by the device. However, from a technical point of view, it is possible to differentiate virtual reality systems according to the level of immersiveness. Immersiveness defined as the quantifiable characteristic of a technology that includes the extent to which it is possible to enter the virtual world through interfaces. The second element that characterises virtual reality is the sense of “presence”, i.e. the subjective feeling of really being inside the virtual environment.

Virtual reality is used in various fields such as training and rehabilitation of sportsmen and women. In addition, VR, especially exergames, can be applied for recreational sports activities and in therapeutic settings.

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