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The first steps towards the development of RISEWISE Special Needs

The Risewise Special Needs project stems from the experience gained during the European H2020 project, Risewise – RISE Women with disabilities In Social Engagement. The research and innovation activities carried out and implemented in the context of the Risewise project made it possible to analyse different disability-related problems in different environments. With regard to the lines of research in conjunction with developments in the international context, the need emerged to analyse the needs related to the role of sport in certain situations, representing new possibilities for personal development and the enhancement of one’s abilities. The Risewise Special Needs project is primarily aimed at women and girls with disabilities, who are often considered weaker than the male gender. Therefore, their integration and inclusion in social and daily life is more complicated.


Networking + Assistive Technology = A successful move!

The aim of Risewise Special Needs is to create an accessible web platform consisting of a strong network of entities, associations, institutions and persons or stakeholders operating at European level. In addition to exploiting the full potential of the www together with other technological devices, Risewise Special Needs aims to create new cooperation between members and increase knowledge sharing and dissemination of best practices. It will encourage and enable the enhancement of methodological approaches and facilitate the participation of women and girls with disabilities in sports activities. In addition to the above-mentioned objectives, the project will promote the use of assistive technology (AT) to enhance the sport empowerment of women and girls with disabilities. Assistive technology is designed, above all, to improve the functional capacities of people with disabilities. Some of these technologies are considered low-impact and very familiar, others are more advanced, using cutting-edge science and technology, and others have a huge impact on the quality of life of people with and without disabilities.


Discover the impacts of the project!

The activity developed during the Risewise project and, in particular within the Risewise Special Needs sub-project, have developed progressively and steadily thanks to the experience born from the ‘Growing the Future’ workshop held in Guimaraes in 2018.

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