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A.S.D. Futura Genova 2016

We are a young club, founded a few years ago by a group of boys and girls with a passion for basketball.
We are located in Val Polcevera in the municipalities of Sant’Olcese and Serra Riccò in the province of Genoa.
As well as bringing a passion for basketball to the young people of our area, we aim to bring the wonderful sport of Baskin to Liguria. Baskin is a sport inspired by basketball that makes the inclusion of able-bodied people and children with various disabilities its strong point, giving everyone equal dignity and equal importance in every match.
Baskin is a new sporting activity inspired by basketball but with special and innovative features. A set of 10 rules governs the game, making it incredibly dynamic and unpredictable. This new sport has been designed to allow able-bodied and disabled young people to play on the same team (made up of both boys and girls!). In fact, baskin allows the active participation of players with any type of disability (physical and/or mental) that allows them to shoot a basket. This calls into question the rigid structure of official sports and this proposal, carried out in the school, becomes a social workshop.

For more information and to get to know us better, visit our website futuragenova.it and Facebook pages Futura Genova asd .