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When you cycle, you get a feeling of freedom…

About the training
Cycling is something everyone can do. When people with disabilities compete in cycling, it is called a paracycle.

Target group for the activity
… has a mobility impairment, visual impairment or intellectual disability. There are special bikes that are adapted for your specific type of disability. Talk to the association about what you need and what works for you.


You can choose between different types of bikes depending on the type of disability you have.

    • Tandem bike is a bike for those who have impaired or no vision. It is a bicycle for two, where the rider sits behind a so-called pilot who steers. The pilot does not have impaired vision. Both the rider and the pilot pedal.
    • Hand bike is a bike on three wheels, two in the back and one in the front. The biker lies on his back, close to the ground, and pedals with his hands. Hand bike fits those who are amputated or have a spinal cord injury.
    • The trike bike also has three wheels. The rider sits out as on a normal bike and the three wheels are there to keep the balance. Trike is suitable for those who have a neurological or muscular disability.
    • The racing bike is a regular bike for those who are amputated or have a neurological or muscular disability.


  • Helmet.
  • Bike.