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Five-a-side football

5-a-side is a type of football where you listen for the ball.

About the training

Like football, 5-a-side is a team sport that involves getting the ball into the opponents’ goal by kicking it. Inside the ball there are bells that sound when the ball moves so you can find it on the field.

Players have varying degrees of visual impairment and therefore sometimes wear blindfolds to make the game fair. Children and young people do not have to play with blindfolds.

Target group for the activity

… has a visual impairment and instead wants to listen to the ball. If you have an intellectual disability or neuropsychiatric disability (NPF), you can play football.

If you have reduced mobility and use a so-called walking frame, you can play frame football.


  • Each team has four outfielders and a goalkeeper on the field at the same time. The goalkeepers do not wear blindfolds.
  • Only the goalkeepers are allowed to take the ball with their hands.
  • The pitch is as big as a handball pitch.
  • There is a rim around the field to frame the game and to avoid throw-ins.
  • The matches are played in two halves that are 20 minutes long.


  • Special ball.
  • Blindfolds are sometimes used to make the game fairer.