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“Hops sport exergames” is a system used in a classroom or group setting that allows participants to follow a virtual instructor on screen as he or she conducts an activity. All activities are designed as part of a lesson plan in order to develop a particular skill of the fitness component. The interactive walls offer many stimuli ranging from simple movements and exercises with immediate feedback on the quality of execution, to authentic sports activities.
The technologies employed consist in the use of a 3D camera, a specific console and a big screen.

‘iWall’ together with ‘runBEAT’, ‘cycloBEAT’, ‘groupBEAT’, ‘tapWall’ and ‘rehabWall’ are products developed by the internationally known CSE Entertainment. Some of them are intended for sports training centers while others are intended for rehabilitation of the individual.

TecnoBody is an Italian company whose mission is to develop products for prevention, sports performance and physical rehabilitation, with a philosophy thanks to which technology and a holistic approach are profoundly changing hospitals, centers and gyms all over the world.

‘D-Wall’ is one of the latest products developed by the company. It is a digital mirror whose use is flexible and specifically designed to meet the needs of different professionals.