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Sailing allows you to be in contact with water…

About the training
Sailing for people with disabilities is called parasailing. There are many different types of boats. Some can be adapted to your needs and it is possible to sail alone or with others. This makes sailing adaptable and a sport that most people can practice.

Sailing can be both a quiet sport with a little wind and sun to a more demanding sport with rain and wind. It also depends on which boat you are sailing. Together, you set up the training according to your level and your goals.

Target group for the activity
… has a mobility impairment, visual impairment or intellectual disability. Talk to the association about what you need and what works for you.

If you want to compete in sailing, it is racing that counts. There are several forms of racing – for example fleetracing which means that several boats compete against each other e.g. on courses close to land or ocean racing further out- and match racing which means that only two boats compete against each other on short courses close to land.

Life jackets and access to boats are often available at sailing clubs. It is good to have rainwear so that you do not get wet in case of splashes or rain. Spare clothes are also good to take with you in case you still get wet. If you get caught up in sailing, you can later buy clothes that are more suitable to the sport and your ambition.