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Sport simulation games’ are games that simulate individual and team sports and can include racket sports, bowling, boxing, baseball, water sports and others. For these types of games, the controllers serve as tools that simulate a fundamental object used in that specific discipline, such as a bat, a racket or a paddle.
The ‘Skillrow Class’ proposed by TechnoGym, the ‘Motorcycle simulator’ created by LeanGP or the ‘VR Boxing With Real Boxing Gloves’ are examples of sports simulation games that combine training with gaming, constantly monitoring performance.

TechnoGym develops high-tech sports training equipment. The Skillrow class (main picture) can take two equally challenging but different courses. In the Race Class, participants compete both as individuals and as boat crews, rowing in synchrony. The Performance Class combines science-based programs with real-time monitoring to improve your performance skills. In addition, the equipment used simulates the same sensation as rowing on the water.

LeanGP is a Spanish start-up company working in the two-wheel sector. Since 2017, it has been developing motorbike racing simulators to be used both at home with the aim to have fun, and in the professional environment with the aim of maintaining athletic performance off the track.

VR Boxing, , simulates a boxing match.

The technologies used are a VR visor and a 3D camera.