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Swim to move and feel good or challenge yourself and compete against others.

About the training
Swimming for people with disabilities does not differ to any great extent from swimming for people without disabilities. You can swim to exercise, feel the freedom in the water or compete if you want.

If you want to learn to swim or practice swimming, you can contact your nearest swimming club.

Target group for the activity
… has a mobility impairment, visual impairment or intellectual disability. Talk to the association about your specific conditions and what works for you.

You swim in a pool that is 25 or 50 meters long.

If you compete in swimming, you must swim a certain distance in time.

You compete against other swimmers in the pool and each swimmer has his own course.

There are four swimming styles – breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle and butterfly. In addition, there is a medley, where you swim all four modes of swimming during one and the same race.

You can compete individually or in teams.