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Wheelchair dance

Do you like to move your body to music and use a wheelchair? Then wheelchair dancing can be something for you.

About the training
Everyone can dance! It’s fun, nice and you get the opportunity to meet people. In addition, you get better condition, coordination, balance, body image and agility. There are many different ways to dance, there are dance forms where you can compete, while other dance forms are more about the joy of movement and artistic expression.

Target group for the activity
… has reduced mobility and uses a wheelchair. You can dance alone or with another person who either uses a wheelchair or stands.


  • You can compete in several different dances, such as bug, mambo, freestyle and waltz, standard, Latin and ten dance.
  • Some dances can be danced alone (single) and others danced in pairs or groups. At least one of the participants in a wheelchair dance must be in a wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair dancing is an assessment sport such as figure skating and swimming. You get points based on how well the judges think you danced.


Many wheelchair dancers use light wheelchairs and fasten themselves with straps to get stuck in the chair.