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Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair rugby is a team sport with a lot of tactics, speed and tough grip.

About the training

Wheelchair rugby is played in teams and involves getting the ball past the opponents’ goal line. Tactics and smart play are required. The defending team gets into a collision and is tackled to stop the opponents from scoring goals.

Target group for the activity
… has reduced mobility in the arms, hands, legs or torso. The sport is practiced in a wheelchair, regardless of whether you use it for everyday or not. Talk to the association about your specific conditions and what works for you.


  • Four players on the field in each team.
  • You must bounce or pass the ball within ten seconds.
  • The team has twelve seconds to get the ball over to the opponent’s half of the field and 40 seconds after input to score.
  • Points are scored by crossing the finish line with at least two of the rugby chair’s wheels with the ball under full control.
  • Tackles and hard play occur.


Specially built wheelchairs are used to cope with the hard game.